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Designing Luminaires for Future Workplaces

In recent years, the design of commercial offices has evolved to accommodate the functions of the organization while connecting and empowering the individuals using the space. Long gone are the days of individual offices lining perimeter walls. Today’s businesses are embracing movement, flexibility and co-working spaces; shifting the focus to work environments rather than workstations.

Open, non-traditional offices are increasingly prevalent and will continue to be the trend, however the layout of these spaces is changing. Providing a choice of work spaces that match employees’ preferences is becoming more commonplace and is linked to greater productivity and well-being. These multi-functional environments require flexible lighting solutions.

For instance, individual units of linear luminaires with broad light distribution are being used in varying lengths and angles to illuminate multi-functional spaces as opposed to the long linear runs that abound in existing open offices. ObscuraTo support the movement of multi-use and modular spaces, Focal Point has introduced Obscura™, an indirect/direct suspended linear luminaire. Its wide batwing distribution accommodates flexible work spaces and collaboration areas where modular furniture is used to adapt the space to ever-changing tasks.


With mobility, choice, and comfort being top-of-mind in office design, luminaires need to adopt new form factors in order to enhance productivity, ultimately driving the success of businesses. Obscura supports this requirement with a clean aesthetic and minimalist design; a functional statement piece, enhancing architecture.   


Download Obscura Design Guide


Also consider these other luminaires with broad distribution, ideal for multi-use spaces.

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