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Focal Point and Curbell Medical Products Partner to Provide Crucial Patient Control

Collaborating to improve healthcare environments and contribute to the healing process


Chicago, IL October 26, 2017– The design of healthcare facilities is evolving. Informed by research, architects and designers are reimagining healthcare environments with a human-centric approach, going beyond meeting codes and standards to create a comfortable and meaningful patient experience. When designing its most recent luminaire intended for use in patient rooms, examination rooms and other areas of healthcare facilities, architectural luminaire provider Focal Point, LLC collaborated with Curbell Medical Products Inc. with the goal to enhance the patient and medical staff experience. By integrating a custom Curbell low voltage controller into Apollo 8 LED, the new multi-function LED luminaire for healthcare environments, Focal Point optimized the lighting control options offered to patients, as well as treatment teams.  

“The synergy between the lighting industry and healthcare industry is transformative – proactively contributing to the healing process. Advancements in technology and greater collaboration will continue to drive a new healthcare experience. Design choices will focus on patient comfort, and create safe, functional and sustainable healing environments.” said Mike Thornton, Chief Marketing Officer for Focal Point, LLC.

The integration of a custom Curbell low voltage controller (LVC) allows patients to safely dim the luminaire(s) for individual comfort using a pillow speaker. It also provides flexibility for healthcare professionals to control the luminaire from a wall switch. The controller is designed to operate up to three separate loads to support the three configuration options of Apollo 8 LED: Ambient only, Ambient with Exam, and Ambient with Exam and Reading Light.

The changing landscape of healthcare facilities has caused a movement toward multipurpose spaces. Examples are emergency departments serving as post-operation areas, or patient rooms transitioning into an intensive care space. The multi-function options of Apollo 8 LED accommodate the needs of these flexible areas and are made easy to operate  with the integration of the custom controller from Curbell Medical Products. To learn more about Apollo 8 LED visit http://www.focalpointlights.com/product-family/Apollo.

To learn more about Curbell Medical Products Inc. or Focal Point LLC, please visit www.curbellmedical.com or www.focalpointlights.com.



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