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Focal Point wins two IES awards for lighting innovation in 2014

The Illuminating Engineering Society (IES) recently recognized Focal Point’s contributions with two awards honoring innovative products we introduced in 2014.


LED lighting is all about progress – and IES honors progress

2014 IES Progress Report Selection

In the last five years, lighting technology has advanced to the point where affordable, high-quality LED lighting is transforming the world before our eyes. For energy efficiency, aesthetics, comfort and versatility, the future of architectural lighting has never been brighter.

Lighting progress is fueled by market needs, but driven by science and art. That’s why the IES has been working since 1906 to advance the art and science of lighting through a wide range of programs, events, educational opportunities, scholarships and more. One of the organization’s premier initiatives is the annual IES Progress Report, which recognizes new products that have made substantial contributions in the past year.

Awards are given based on achieving “superlatives” – for example, being the first, only, best, smallest or most efficient – in a category of progress that significantly advances the art and science of lighting.


Focal Point’s LED luminaires earned two awards in this years’ IES Progress Report.

The ID® LED high ceiling downlight family earned its spot in the 2014 IES Progress Report based on:

ID® LED high ceiling downlight family

  • Providing the highest efficacy in an 8-inch downlight at over 80 lumens per watt
  • Delivering a lifetime of 109,000 hours at a lumen maintenance of L70 – with a robust, energy-efficient design that minimizes maintenance in high ceiling applications and yields substantial cost savings compared to T6 CMH lamps
  • Providing comfortable, glare-free lighting with a diffuse 50° cutoff reflector that maintains high efficiency
  • Enabling maximum design flexibility through a concise yet flexible offering of multiple beamspreads, outputs and drivers

Our ID LED high ceiling downlights reveal how LED technology can substantially reduce energy and maintenance costs without compromising on the clean appearance and comfortable lighting you envision for auditoriums, meeting rooms, lobbies and other spacious areas.

“The 8-in. ID LED High Ceiling Downlight offers the highest efficacy in an 8-in. downlight at 80 LPW. Field Changeable optical filters provide multiple beamspreads while various dimming options, lumen outputs, CCTs, and CRIs provide design flexibility.”
LD&A Magazine

The ID® LED 2.5" downlight family, including our unique adjustable accent, was recognized for:

ID® LED 2.5" downlight family

  • Delivering up to 79 lumens per watt – the most efficient small aperture downlight in the market and the most efficient alternative to halogen MR16 sources, with up to 80% energy savings
  • Offering unmatched versatility with five field-replaceable optics and innovative aiming features
  • Offering the only downlight in its class with a deep cone and biased cutoff to provide exceptional brightness and LED visibility control – without the need for a black cone or a lens
  • Enabling superior optical beam control and purity with no striations, thanks to our proprietary single LED optical design

Small aperture MR16 downlights have long been a favorite for unobtrusive, high-quality architectural lighting. Now there’s an alternative that offers equivalent lighting quality with more versatile features and control – while saving 80 percent in energy costs and practically eliminating maintenance. That’s the beauty of our new ID LED 2.5" downlight family.

“ID LED 2.5" Adjustable family offers the highest efficacy in the low aperture downlight market at 79 lumens per watt. It offers five field replaceable optics as well as aiming to provide flexibility in the field.”
LD&A Magazine


Keep in touch with Focal Point’s progress

The IES Progress Report was presented on November 3, 2014 at the IES Annual Conference in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The report is published in the January issue of LD&A Magazine.

Explore the Focal Point website and feel free to contact us anytime to learn more about these award winners along with our complete selection of innovative architectural lighting products for any application.

Because Focal Point is making lighting progress every day – and we’re excited to have you come along on the journey.

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