Innovative Lighting

Solving Problems – Beautifully

Every luminaire is designed to solve a particular lighting problem in terms of optics, light distribution and quality, energy consumption and overall performance. At the same time, every luminaire serves an aesthetic function – whether making a bold statement or virtually disappearing into the surrounding architecture.

How well the luminaire solves the lighting problem, how well it plays its aesthetic role – these are the marks of truly innovative lighting. Focal Point leads the industry for innovative lighting products that enhance architectural beauty and function. Consider our id® LED intelligent downlight family, for example, with replaceable and aimable optics that let you fine-tune beam spread and directionality in the field – often without even turning off the power.

Or consider the Seem® family, featuring 2.5" and 4" wide luminaires that can be installed in recessed, surface mount, wall mount, suspended, patterned and wall-to-ceiling configurations with continuously lit corners. Specify the lengths and even the precise lumen outputs you need, thanks to our exclusive factory-programmable Right Light driver system.

That’s just a small sample of the many features and options that are completely original to Focal Point. Browse our product pages and design galleries to see more. And see the light of true innovation.