Simply Practical

Easy to Choose – Easy to Use

With design choices and mounting options that easily adapt to your architectural requirements, Focal Point offers simply practical lighting.

Any type of ceiling system, any lumen output and beam spread, any size and look – we’re almost certain to have a practical lighting solution with the perfect fit. And if a project requires something truly unique, there’s a good chance we can accommodate it with in-house modification capabilities other lighting manufacturers can’t match.

Because we maintain full manufacturing control in one place, we deliver on schedule. Lighting is often one of the last systems to be installed before the building is completed and occupied, and we understand how important meeting the schedule is to the project’s success.

Installation shouldn’t hold the project up either. Focal Point lighting offers ingeniously adaptable mounting systems, generous wiring room, trouble-free lamping and detailed instructions to help get the job done quickly and correctly.

Most important, our lighting is designed for the practical needs of the people who will live with it day by day. Advanced controls and sensors can be used to save energy and deliver the exact lighting levels needed at any time. And our glare-free lighting makes people feel comfortable and productive, while making the spaces they inhabit come alive.

That’s simply practical lighting, only from Focal Point.