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Understanding TM-21 in Relation to Specifying Luminaires
Reported vs. Calculated

Building a greater understanding of the difference between Reported and Calculated values as designated by the EPA, the limitations set forth by the Agency, and how L70 and L90 data relates to real-life applications... more

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The Right Light Output

How do you know that the LED lumen output you specify will actually be delivered by the luminaire once installed? Or do you need to specify custom wattages to meet energy requirements? 

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Nera shines in recent competitions and garners prestigious 2016 Next Generation Luminaire (NGL) award and 2016 PIA Award.

A new family of linear and square pendant luminaires keeps on getting the attention of the lighting design community in luminaire design competitions. 

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Focal Point wins two IES awards for lighting innovation in 2014

The Illuminating Engineering Society (IES) recently recognized Focal Point’s contributions with two awards honoring innovative products we introduced in 2014.

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Quickship: The perfect fit for tenant improvement projects

Real estate managers have become a lot more competitive when marketing spaces to new tenants. With each tenant improvement project, they’re focusing on details that make a space practical to work in and a joy to... more

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