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Meeting the Needs of Heightened Energy Standards

The bulding market is seeing a vast increase in commercial construction projects and stringent energy consumption criterion. Learn how to meet these strict energy codes and make a positive environmental impact.

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Lighting Designed for a Lighting Industry Leader

A lighting agency known for supporting Class A office designs, renovates their own office to inspire and provide a more collaborative environment.

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Designing Luminaires for Future Workplaces

In recent years, the design of commercial offices has evolved to accommodate the functions of the organization while connecting and empowering the individuals using the space.

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Supporting the Mission of a Nonprofit Through the Donation of Energy Efficient Lighting

Onward Neighborhood House, a Chicago nonprofit organization empowering families and individuals through educational, recreational and social service programs renovated one building on their 22,000 square foot campus... more

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Understanding TM-21 in Relation to Specifying Luminaires
Reported vs. Calculated

Building a greater understanding of the difference between Reported and Calculated values as designated by the EPA, the limitations set forth by the Agency, and how L70 and L90 data relates to real-life applications... more

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